Mass Hysteria…………………..No, thank you. All the facts are needed before panicking.

This post (and the headline) above is in reference to the mutated flower photos that went viral a few years ago.

I’ve just listen to one of Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcasts–it’s about mass hysteria. So as I finish my year-long “Flowers in Fukushima City” project, I want to say that we must not look at one photo on the internet, jump to (often faulty) conclusions, and freak the heck out.

As you have seen in my posts during the past twelve days, Fukushima City is NOT a place of mutated flowers and butterflies.  (I repeat: During the past year, I looked for mutated flowers and NEVER saw a single one.)

The flowers in and around Fukushima City appear normal, as shown in the photo I took about a week ago (in September of 2018.)

What’s interesting is that around 2015, my husband was shucking an ear of corn. He discovered that there were “twin” corn cobs…similar to the ones shown in the photo in the following news article, but not nearly as separated.

Was a the corn a Fukushima mutant? NO! Absolutely not. How do I know this?

I know this because the corn was grown in Hokkaido, and shipped to us here at our home. (It’s common in Japan to ship fruits and vegetables around the country like this. Japan is a country of foodies.) Hokkaido is far north of the power plant and the corn was unlikely affected by radiation from the meltdowns.

This brochure is from that company in Hokkaido. It’s gourmet!

So what do I personally think happened? Well, gosh, I don’t know. My mom’s an identical twin. So maybe what happened to her (and her sister) is exactly what happened to that corn.

Or maybe…the twinned corn is a result of super farming? Breeding corn to produce superior (high yielding) strains of corn to feed more people? I don’t know, but the corn my husband found resembled the corn on the far right in the photo of the following news article:

This Gnarly, Mutant Corn Plant Could Have Serious Implications on Yields

So what I am saying is this. Don’t give in to irrational thinking. If it’s a field you are not personally an expert in (Hey, any floriculturists out there?), then realize there may be different possiblities as to why a flower looks different. It may not be (or it may) be due to radiation.

Don’t give in to mass hysteria. Let’s use our brains, that’s why we have them.

About kireikireikireiI am a mom.

2 thoughts on “Mass Hysteria…………………..No, thank you. All the facts are needed before panicking.

  1. Yes, all the facts before panicking! When I travelled over your way last year, I was at pains to tell all my family that it is a safe and great place to visit. When I got home and was showing off photos and describing the beauty of the people and the places, I knew that were actually thinking something else – not so positive.


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