Kansai Electric Power Company Scandal…..

It was learned last Friday (Sept, 27, 2019) that executives at the Kansai Electric Power Company have been receiving substantial gifts from a person outside the company.

Kansai is an area of Japan.

The map above is a map of Japan. The colors delineate the regions. Kansai is the light green part of the map. (For reference, Tokyo is in Kanto–the lightest blue area on the map. My home of Fukushima in Tohoku, the medium blue part.)

Kansai is the part of Japan where Osaka is. Osaka is a big city and consumes a lot of electricity. Kansai is also home to the smaller (but still quite large) city of Kyoto.

So according to news reports, twenty Kansai Electric Power Company (KANDEN) executives received “318.45 million yen worth of gifts” from a mayor of a town in Fukui Prefecture (a rural prefecture, it’s located in the darker green section of the map.) This town is the site of a nuclear power plant owned by KANDEN.

I plugged 318,000,000 million into an online converter from yen to U.S. dollars (using today’s exchange rate.) That’s almost three million U.S. dollars.

The following links are to online articles I found about this topic. (If you click on them, you’ll see the photos of three KANDEN executives who received the gifts. There are actually twenty KANDEN executives who received gifts, but the public does not know the identities of the other seventeen. Their names are–at this writing–being kept confidential.)








The Companies which provide electricity in Japan…

To tell the honest truth, most people on the internet (especially those people who aren’t Japanese or don’t live in Japan or haven’t studied the situation intensively) don’t know much about the meltdowns at Fukushima Dai-ichi Power Plant, and the situation surrounding them.

One basic thing I repeat is that Fukushima Dai-ichi Power Plant was owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO.) The plant supplied electricity to the Tokyo region. So why is the plant called Fukushima Dai-ichi? It’s name came about because it was located in Fukushima. Most likely, it was built here in Fukushima probably because Fukushima is a rural area, because we’re not a rich area and people need jobs here, because…. Well, lots of reasons.

You can probably think of your own reasons why a huge city would put it nuclear power plants far, far away from the huge city itself.

We in Fukushima get our electricity from Tohoku Electric Power Company (confusingly, it also has the acryonym TEPCO.) Tohoku is the name of this northern region in live in. It’s “off-the-beaten-track” for tourists from the United States, definitely. I rarely see other westerners.


I think the first thing to know is the names of all the regional electric power companies in Japan.

According to the Wiki article https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/日本の電力会社 these are the regional electric power companies in Japan:

My translation:

Hokkaido Electric Power Company

Tohoku Electric Power Company

Tokyo Electric Power Company

Hokuriku Electric Power Company

Chubu Electric Power Company

Kansai Electric Power Company

Chogoku Electric Power Company

Shikoku Electric Power Company

Kyushyu Electric Power Company

Okinawa Electric Power Company


The geography of these companies is from north to south.