English Fun at Toys R Us


My son and I went to the Toys R Us toy store in Fukushima City.  They have lots of fun English learning toys!


Let’s take a look at some of the toys for kids.


This says “Namae Zukan”

Namae means “name.”

Zukan is an “illustrated reference book.”  (Basically, a educational book with lots of pictures or photos.)


Japanese fairy tales, in Japanese and English…. We know I love traditional Japanese fairy tales!


Fun English songs


More English songs…  The child pushes the button and the song plays.


The alphabet


A puzzle…


Are you learning a foreign language?  Which language?

I have learned in a classroom setting the following languages:  French, Spanish, German, Latin, and Japanese

I know Japanese the best, then French is a distant second.  I just know smatterings of the other languages.  I love languages!

Disaster Preparedness Day

On September 1st, 1923, a huge earthquake devastated Tokyo.  The death toll was about 140,000 people and at that time was the worst natural disaster to ever hit Japan.

Nowadays in Japan, September 1st is a day both of remembrance and preparation for the future.   It’s Bousai no Hi (Disaster Preparedness Day.)  On that day, all over the country people are conducting drills and thinking what they would do in case of another earthquake.

My local shopping center was selling supplies that a person would need if “The Big One” hits.


The sign says 防災 bousai=Disaster

“Sono toki” ni, sonaeteimasuka?=Are you prepared for “that time?”

Imakoso, chanto.=Right now, do it properly.


Emergency items.  The black bag is stuffed with items a person might need.


Different meals that can be eaten instantly


Does it look delicious?

How about you?  Are you prepared in case of an emergency?  Because you just never know!