Why I am no longer posting on this blog….

You may have noticed that my blog here has stopped abruptly.  For the second time, I’ve reached my limit allowed by WordPress.

The first time, I moved from “Free” to “Payment Plan” so I could keep posting.

This second time, I can’t afford to move up to the next level of payment. It’s very expensive for me. Thus, my blog about Fukushima, and trying to help kids around the world learn about Fukushima, ends here.

I am NOT asking for money. This is not a go fund me or anything like that.

Please keep us people of Fukushima in your thoughts. Don’t forget about us, especially our sweet children of today (who were not born yet at the time of the disaster) and our sweet young adults of today (who—like my own son–were children at the time of the disaster.)

Do not make the mistake of thinking of the nuclear disaster as “Fukushima.” Remember: The nuclear power plant which melted down did NOT supply electricity to Fukushima; it supplied electricity to the Tokyo Region. The plant was owned by Tokyo Electric, but we in Fukushima receive our electricity from a different source (Tohoku Electric.)

Farewell. May we meet again.

Amy Lange Kawamura ♥


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