Happy Halloween!


Happy halloween, everybody!  Do you know what my costume is?  I dressed as a boy for Halloween!

English is an international language, so kids all over the world learn English.   The school that I work for held a little Halloween party.


The kids had fun dressing as mummies.


They really enjoyed the party!


She makes a cute mummy!

It’s not easy for Japanese kids to learn English, so I really admire them.  English is so very different from Japanese, that they have to work really hard.   Some of them may grow up and get jobs that require English.    I do my best to teach them and make it as fun as possible.

Do you learn a foreign language?

Fukushima Inari Shrine Festival


Recently we had a festival here in Fukushima City.  It’s a festival that is celebrated every year in October.   We always participate…but this year my son son came down with a fever on festival weekend!  He couldn’t participate at all!  Poor guy!



See what he missed?


The haunted house…..  This haunted house is not for Halloween, but coincidentally it always comes to Fukushima City in October.  So my son and I do it for Halloween!  But not this year….Mr. Sick Boy was at home sleeping!


Too bad he missed all the excitement.  He’ll have to wait until next year for the festival to come again….

Have you missed out on something fun due to illness?    Bummer!

Halloween Snackies

Are you excited about Halloween?  I am.  I love this time of year when the air gets crisp and cool.   It definitely brings on an appetite!  Let’s see what stores in Fukushima are selling during this season…


Halloween soda!


Oh, so cute!


The tea wants some of the fun, too!


Scary chips.


Bag of Bones Cheetos is actually yogurt flavored,  um yummy????


My local grocery store has decorated for Halloween.


Halloween pizza.  Lots of different foods have Halloween designs.


A fast food restaurant called Lotteria has burgers with purple sauce for Halloween.  The scary part is wondering what its ingredients are.  Spooky!