Fukushima Map Exhibit

I love maps.  They are so much fun!  So when my local shopping center held a Fukushima map exhibit, I knew I had to go.


Here is the exhibit…a huge photograph of Fukushima City that we can walk on.


That’s the downtown area.  A mountain (the green area) at the bottom.  You can see the river towards the top.  Off to the left is famous Hanami Yama (Mt. Hanami.)


Oooh!  Oooh!  My house! I see my house!


Northern Japan.  Somebody is stepping on Fukushima Prefecture!!!!!!  Eeek!!!!!!!

Towards the bottom (on the right) is the Tokyo area.


Northern Japan–the region known as Tohoku.  The blue lake is where Fukushima Prefecture is at.


This is a map of Fukushima Prefecture.  I live in the red area at the top.  (Fukushima City.)


A map of Japan.  Lean and serene, except when there is an earthquake and then it careens.