Swans and Wild Ducks

Here we are! This is the Abukuma River in Fukushima City.

Ducks and Swans

Wild ducks and swans.

They get fed here…

If we look to the left, we see that there are no birds…

They are attracted to this spot by the food.

Pretty swan

A pretty wild duck


A pretty crow! (This was the only crow in this flock. I think she has figured out where to snag a free breakfast!)

Do you see any cranes?

No, you won’t see any cranes here. Cranes no longer live in Tohoku. In Japan, they live in Hokkaido nowadays. (I learned this doing research for my manuscript.)


What a lovely spot to visit!

Bicycling to …..?

Last Monday morning, I left early on my bicycle and rode about twenty minutes (or so) away.

Do you know what I wanted to see? The sculpture above is a huge hint!

A river

A river bank.

A bridge.

A special spot……..

Can you see? Can you see? Well, I’ll show much better photos tomorrow. Today is just a teaser before the main event.