DSCF6011My name is Amy Lange Kawamura.  I’m not Japanese, but I live in Japan with my Japanese husband and our teenage son.   We live in a prefecture called Fukushima.  Have you heard of this place?  Back in 2011, some bad stuff happened here.  I started this blog to teach you about Fukushima!

This is a kid friendly site.  I am a momma who loves kids, so I want kids to learn about Fukushima in a safe environment.

I have written a manuscript about Fukushima.   I think it’s a great story.   But last night I dreamed I was eating a strawberry sandwich, so maybe not only will I eat a strawberry sandwich, but I will also get my manuscript published eventually!

After all, dreams do come true!

See you next time…….


About kireikireikireiI am a mom.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thanks! That’s actually downtown. They brought in a bunch of sand as a promotion for Tottori, which is famous for its sand dunes, but unfortunately pretty far from us.


  1. I enjoy your other blog and am looking forward to reading this one as well. I will definitely purchase your book once it’s published!


  2. Thank you so much, Karen! I appreciate that. It’s a book for upper elementary school students, about ages ten to twelve. It’s fiction but I drew on my own experiences. I hope I can get it published!


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