Books Books Beautiful Books

Books enchant me.



And they lived happily ever after……


Sometimes books don’t enchant me.

They inform me. They educate me.  They teach me.

Like these books:


These books are at our city public library.  They educate kids about earthquakes and and other scary stuff.

Why are they on display now?



Next month on March 11, 2016, it is the fifth anniversary of the super duper mega king-sized quake that ripped through Japan.


Lots of the littler kids here in Japan probably don’t even remember it!

(I remember it.  I was reading a book at the time.)

It is important to learn about earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear meltdown.

Oh my!



Did you know that if you are in Japan during a super duper earthquake, phone calls on public telephones are free? Even long distance ones. It’s a great time to call your mom and let her know how your day is going!



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2 thoughts on “Books Books Beautiful Books

  1. Interesting! Children should be informed about Earthquakes and what to do in the scenario. We had one a few months back in Chile and thankfully my son was with me! Pinning to the Practical Mondays board:)

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