Hanami in central Fukushima City


It is “hanami” season here in northern Japan.  Hanami is when the cherry blossoms are blooming.  So let’s go to our local park and look around.


Do you have cherry blossom trees where you live?  In Japan, they make people want to party!


Oh, and now we are at the public library.  How did we end up there?  Well, we might as well read while we are here.


Books about cherry blossoms!

Cherry blossom viewing is a very old tradition in Japan.  It’s a deep part of  Japanese culture.

After the earthquake in March of 2011, not as many people wanted to view the cherry blossoms in Fukushima.  But they still bloomed.  Year after year, in good times, in bad times…  Springtime will always be the season of cherry blossoms in Japan!

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