Sendai City (Kotodai Park)


Recently I went to Sendai City to help out a friend.   Sendai City is not in Fukushima Prefecture.  It is in the prefecture north of us–Miyagi Prefecture.  Sendai City is a major city in Japan, so during the 3/11 earthquake, Sendai was the biggest city to most significantly feel effects from the earthquake.  (Of course, Tokyo was also shaken up…but not nearly as much as Sendai, which was very close to the epicenter.)

So while I was there, I took the opportunity to look around.  I walked from the train station to the wonderful park.  It’s called Kotodai Park.


This is the great sumo wrestler, Tanikaze.  He was from Sendai.


Beautiful flowers!


Fun in the fountain.


Let’s practice our Japanese.

This sign says:


hato ni esa o ataenaide!

hato no toraburu ga okiteimasu.


Do not give food to the pigeons!

The pigeons can cause trouble.



The Loople bus is a tourist bus you can use to get around the city to the main attractions.


Here I am, walking down the street!  La la la Tra la la la la


Did you enjoy seeing a bit of Sendai City?  Maybe some day……we will be back!

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