Fukushima Art Museum



Hey, there is the Fukushima City Art Museum!  A very famous art exhibit came to town.  The Dutch Masters!


Do you recognize this painting?


And that one on the right?   Isn’t she beautiful.

Johannes Vermeer painted it.

IMG_0984 I wonder if these girls knew that their faces would be seen by us.  I wonder what they were thinking.


Lots of fun stuff to buy in the gift shop!


Girls had music lessons long, long ago….just like today.

IMG_0987Do you think she is bored?  Sleepy?  Daydreaming?


Pamphlets for the next exhibit…which is now the current exhibit. You have until July third to see “Rebirth of the Wolf.”


Japan has lots of art museums to choose from!


Hmmmmm…..where should I go next………?

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