Haneda Airport

Tokyo has two main aiports.  They are Haneda and Narita.  (Narita’s official name is “New Tokyo International Airport.)

Haneda is an older airport, and is supposed to be for domestic flights (within Japan.)  Narita is a newer airport and is supposed to be for international flights.  However, many people in Tokyo do not like the Narita airport because is rather far away for them.  (At least an hour by train.)  So there is a lot of controversy that goes on concerning these airports.

Every single international flight that I have taken has departed from and arrived in Narita.

Until now.

Our flight from Los Angeles arrived in the Haneda Airport.  This is so unusual for flights from the U.S. that the flight attendant kept saying “When we arrive in Narita…”  This made me nervous, because I was hoping that the pilot wasn’t making the same mistake!  Luckily the pilot did a good job and we arrived safely in Haneda Airport.


Pulling into our gate…

After we deplane, we must go to the area of customs and immigrations (if we are entering Japan.)

It’s kind of a long walk, but both Haneda and Narita have moving sidewalks to quicken the trip.

If a person is NOT entering Japan (instead they are flying on to another country), they will not need to proceed to customs and immigrations.  Instead, they head to this area and then wait for their plane to the Philippines or China or wherever they happen to be going.  It’s a very long trip for these people!

However, my son and I must go through immigration control.  I show our passports and  pick up our luggage.  Then I either declare something or don’t declare anything and pass through customs.

There are signs in the customs and immigrations area that say “No Photos” so of course I have no photos to show you of that area.

This is Haneda Airport, our terminal.

This is the area where people check in their luggage and receive their boarding passes.  However, if you look towards the top of the photo, you can see a touristy area up on the upper levels.  Let’s go up there.


Shopping in stores that have been recreated to look like “Old Japan.”

Both Haneda and Narita airports have observation decks.  So much fun to watch the planes take off and land!

A flight similator.  (It costs money, like a video game.)

So you can see that even at the airports, there is stuff for tourists to see and do.  We used to live in Narita City, and people there would just go to the airport for shopping and enjoyment….without even taking a flight!

Have you ever been to an airport?  Next time you are at an airport, please look around and notice how it is run!  Every airport is different….

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2 thoughts on “Haneda Airport

  1. Yes flights from Sydney Australia on Qantas and ANA have begun landing at Haneda as well. So much more convenient to get into Tokyo central. JAL stills flies out of Narita however.


  2. Thanks for commenting, Tony! I used to live in Narita City, so I know that airport better. It seems that it wasn’t very smart of them (years ago) when Narita was built—to have separate domestic and internation airports.


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