Children’s Day

May is here!   The beginning of May means Golden Week in Japan.  That’s many holidays in a row.

Children’s Day used to be known as Boy’s Day, but the name was changed in 1948.  I was complaining to my husband about how it used to be known as Boy’s Day, and he said it was fair because there is a Girl’s Day.

Children’s Day, however, is a national holiday and Girl’s Day is not!  That means no work or school on Children’s Day, but Girl’s Day is a regular day for work and school.

One symbol of Children’s Day is the carp.  The idea is that a child (originally—the boy) is supposed to be strong and fight against the current of the water.

This is the shrine down the street from my home.  A banner of carp fly here.  They represent the members of the family.

When I first came to Japan, I was impressed with the flying fish I would see here and there in Japan.  (Usually at places like schools, parks, etc.)  I am still impressed!  They are simply beautiful.  Since Children’s Day is early May, you can only see them this time of year.

Here they are in a park in Koriyama City.  (This photo was taken about a year ago…on a very rainy day!)

Paseo Dori Street is my favorite street in Fukushima City, and you can see the carp here, too.

Let’s give a big thanks to the moms and dads out there raising the youngsters of the world!  Mother’s and Father’s Day will be here soon….  (And my birthday!!!!!!!)  May is a wonderful month.

This blog is meant for children (although anybody may read it.  Including my mom’s best friend Mary Sue ❤ and my ever lovely Japanese teacher Ms. Sagi!  ❤ )   It’s all my own opinions.  It’s meant to represent Fukushima (although mostly Fukushima City because that is where I live!)   There’s not a lot out there about the tragedy for kids.  There’s not even a whole lot available for adults!   If anything looks like fake news, well, it probably is!   Your best bet is reading the literature available because it’s been carefully researched.  One of the best books is “Strong in the Rain.”   Wow, I got off topic here, didn’t I?  I’ll provide a better list of books at a later date.

Anyway, what I meant to say, is hooray for you, kids!   Kids are some of my favorite people!  You guys and gals are the future and, yeah, it looks like we adults are sure messing things up big time, but hopefully we can get back on track to a more healthy and environmentally conscious world……….   Sending lots of love to you kiddos this Children’s Day!


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