The Souvenir Shop in the Castle at AizuWakamatsu

We were on the grounds of the castle, so we went into its gift shop for AizuWakamatsu souvenirs.  I got permission from the staff to take photos.

Symbols of Fukushima

Symbols of Fukushima

Husband and son seem to have found the samurai swords….er, I mean the umbrellas.

I have no idea what she has there.  I think pickles?  She’s just being silly.

In truth, she is wonderful (better than me) about trying new Japanese foods.  Before she came, she said all she wanted to do was eat Japanese food.  She got her wish!  We tried to eat as little western food as possible during her stay.

Yesterday my dry cleaning lady asked me if my niece could eat the food.  I said Yes!  She was surprised.  Japanese food is so delicious, though.

She’s found the umbrellas!  Now she’s a happy girl.


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