Today on “Respect for the Aged” Day….

I met with one of my Wednesday Japanese teachers. He is ninety-five years young! We went to Nakago department (shown in the photo) for a tea ceremony that he said we could attend, but it wasn’t available. (It will be next month.) So instead we looked at the small museum on the seventh floor.

So then we took a taxi to a restaurant he likes….but it was closed. (Probably because it is Monday and many shops close on Mondays.) So we went to an historic house called Ogura-Tei. It’s a spot for tourists. I’d been there before, but never with a guide. It is not staffed on a daily basis and usually there is nobody (or few people) there. The link says it is 100 yen, but I think it is free.

Leaving Ogura-tei….Every time we saw a seat, my friend would stop and rest.

On October fourth, there is some sort of moon viewing event here, according to the sign. (It starts after 6:30 p.m)

Next we went to the pie shop in Nakago for lunch. I had never eaten a meal there, just dessert.

He ate it all!!!!!

He didn’t eat it all!!! He ate about half. Wow.

Happy Respect for the Aged Day!


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