Bus Festival, Downtown Fukushima City, 2017

Fukushima City is a not a huge city, but there are still fun things to do.  One of these fun things happens every fall.  A street is closed off, buses are rolled in, and the day-long Bus Festival begins!  It’s a way to teach people about transportation, especially busses.  AND TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!

My son is fourteen years old now, and so he is supposed to be studying for his entrance exams to high school.  Yes, 24/7 study study study.  😉

So he did not go with me to this year’s bus festival. He’s reach the age where he is not longer interested in hanging out with Mommy.

When he was young, though, I would take him to the festival.  You can go inside the busses and explore completely. The driver’s seat and everything. One year they had a military tank and my son could go down into it and explore. Happy memories!

As you can see from the photos, they have all kinds of busses you can explore.  New ones, old ones, city ones, long-distance ones, buses with a wheelchair lift (that you can try out), and so on. Every year the busses are different.

Me on the bus.

This is a local city bus. “Fukushima Transportation.”

Not sure why the long line?

Anyway, if you are ever in Fukushima City during September, keep an eye out for the Bus Festival.

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