Don’t make fun of Chernobyl

I was watching a TV show on Netflix yesterday. Hello Kitty made an appearance, so that was exciting, considering that it is an American show.  The show isn’t exactly for kids (especially little kids) so I won’t name the show.  (ahemrupaulsdragraceahem) But you can look at a photo of my TV screen:

Hello, Kitty!

Anyway, it was quite a funny episode.

However, there was character who plays a Russian woman (he is a comedian.) And he made a joke about going to Chernobyl.  He didn’t say “Moscow” or “Kiev” or “Vladivostok.”  Nope. He said “Chernobyl.”

I think the joke is supposed to be that nobody wants to go to Chernobyl, but he’s going there….HA HA HA ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS.

(If you are a kid, Chernobyl is a part of the Ukraine.  In 1986, there was a nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.  The meltdown was caused by human error.  The area surrounding the nuclear power plant was evacuated and is currently non-liveable.)

I have heard jokes about Chernobyl before….I  don’t think they’re funny.  I know next will be the Fukushima jokes, and no, I don’t think they’re funny, either.

So don’t make those dumb jokes.  They’re annoying and offensive and will show you to be an amateur comedian who finishes your comedy act to an audience of one person, who is only there because he fell asleep.



Thinking of you, little Texans….

I have been keeping up to date on the situation in Texas, like a lot of people.  (And there’s flooding in Bangladesh which is getting little coverage. )

Are you a child from Texas who has been affected by the flooding?   It’s probably a scary time for you. Maybe your home is flooded, and you are living in a shelter. Or you are still at home, but running out of food and basic materials.

Please know that people around the world are thinking about you.  It was a comfort after the 3/11 earthquake to know that people around the world were thinking about Tohoku and its victims.

Times WILL get happier.  I promise!

I don’t believe we live in a dystopian world full of woe.  I believe in positivity.  That doesn’t mean everything will be perfect, not at all. But life has high points and low points and we have to struggle through the low points.  It’s just something we gotta do.

So thinking of you, children around the world.

Here’s a cat photo to help cheer you up a bit.

And if you don’t like cats….

Hang in there!  ❤