Saito Kiyoshi–famous Fukushima artist

The path to the prefectural art museum in Fukushima City. You can walk from the main station (about twenty or so minutes) or rent a bike. Also, there’s a minor train station next to the museum on the Iizaka line (a minor train line right next to the main train station.)

Currently the art museum has an exhibit by a very famous artist—and he also happens to be from Fukushima Prefecture!

His name is Saito Kiyoshi and he is from the Aizu area (the western part of Fukushima Prefecture.) A lot of his art features Aizu.

He worked in woodblock print.

I had seen a few of his works in our permanent exhibit, but when I saw his woodblock prints in this travelling exhibit, I fell in love!  Such interesting artwork.  I really recommend this exhibit.

Click on this link to see examples of Saito Kiyoshi’s artwork.



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