Typhoon hitting Japan

You may (or may not) have heard on the news that a large typhoon is currently hitting Japan.  This article says: “The (Japan Meteorological) agency issued warnings for heavy rain and flooding on the Pacific side of Japan including the Tokyo metropolitan area, even though the typhoon is likely to be downgraded to Category 3 by Sunday evening, with the activity of a seasonal rain front intensified by the storm. ”

Right now it is Sunday, three p.m.  It’s been constantly drizzling rain all day, not much in the way of winds. Here is a photo from my door:

My son’s school has been cancelled for tomorrow (a Monday.) I expect the main part of the typhoon to hit Fukushima around early tomorrow.

Some people worry about the Daiichi nuclear power plant and its condition when events like this occur.  I’m not at the power plant so I can’t say one way or the other about the condition there.  Where I live, though, everything is fine.  Personally I mostly worry about people further south than me (where the storm will likely hit harder. These storms lose power when they hit land.) I worry about people in poor housing, and people who live near hills and mountains and are in danger of mudslides.  My thoughts are with them.

If you are curious, here are two current photos from of the road (Route 288) that heads out to the nuclear power plant. The photo were taken with a live webcamera, which takes a new photo every few minutes. I’m pretty sure area of the road is not in the exclusion zone. It’s the closest road I could find to the plant itself on a webcam.

photo from October 22, 2017 (3:02 p.m.)


Next photo is same road, different camera:

October 22, 2017 (3:04 p.m.)

Here is the source for these two photos of Route 288, directly above.


Lots of webcams in Fukushima Prefecture.


Here is a link to Tepco’s webcams of the Daiichi nuclear power plant itself.  (Tepco owns the plant.)


If somebody knows of other live webcams which are live near the power plant, please feel free to post links…BUT you must give the source. If it doesn’t have a reputable source….it’s probably fake.


If you are looking at my webcam links during the Japanese night, they will be black! Remember we are in the eastern hemisphere!  😉



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