Hotel Room at YuTagawa

Have you ever seen the animated American TV show “The King of the Hill?” It’s set in Texas, and it’s about a man named Hank Hill. It’s very “Texas.” My family finds it funny because everybody is from Texas, both my dad’s side and my mom’s. Well, I don’t think my dad has ever watched it but I’m sure he’d find it funny if he did.

Anyway, there is an episode where Hank Hill visits Japan.  (I always sort of found this episode sort of racist, but sort of funny.  Oh, so conflicted.)

The family stays in a hotel room that is TINY.

Like the first photo here of MY hotel room at Yutagawa (shared with my husband.)

Oooh. Everything in Japan is so eensy weensy.

Ha! It’s just the entrance way. Silly us. Here’s the door to the real hotel room.

Not so eensy weensy anymore, are we.

There’s no bed because this is a traditional ryokan-style hotel. When we go to dinner, the staff will come in and move the table and lay out futons for us to sleep on.

The view to my right.  (It’s the tokonoma.)



Here is the link to the Hank Hill snippet on youtube:

Don’t be embarrassed, Peggy.  I’ve made my share of stupid mistakes in Japan, too.  😉


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