Teacher in Minamisoma

Here is an article about a teacher from New Zealand who works in Minamisoma.  (You may see the name of this town spelled in English in various ways: Minami-Soma, Minamisouma, etc. Literally, the name means “South Soma.”)

Minamisoma is a small town that was hit by the tsunami, and many of its people died in that.  And then…most of the citizens had to leave because the town is/was too close to the nuclear disaster.  In recent times, it’s been declare safe, and its citizens have been returning.


A quote from the article by the teacher: “For comparison, spending a year in Minamisoma will expose me to about the same radiation as a single hip X-ray … I’m just about as close as it’s possible to be.”


UPDATE: If you click on the link below, you can see exactly where Minami Soma is. As far as a I know the map in the link is current. (It DOES not show how much of Minami Soma was forbidden soon after the earthquake.)



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