Big news in Tokyo is that it snowed, and it was the largest snowfall in, I think, four years. Also it’s the coldest in Tokyo in over forty years.

But never mind that.

We haz cold in Tohoku, too!

Looking out my front door…big sigh…more shovelling….It’s snowed heavily twice this week.  (And during winter vacation, it snowed quite a lot.) Nevertheless, Fukushima City has it much easier than many other parts of Tohoku (and, of course, Hokkaido.) It tends to get colder in the north, and also in the mountains, of course. Also, the west side of Japan is colder than the east side.

My husband shovelled late last night. It snowed all night, and so then I shovelled this up in the morning. (This photo was taken before I shovelled.)

Yes, a long path!!!!!!!!

How’s the weather where you live?


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