Strolling along Sumida River (Tokyo, spring 2018)

In Tokyo, last Saturday. I took this photo at the red spot. Then we walked along the bank of the Sumida River.

This is a tower and it is in Tokyo. But it is NOT the Tokyo Tower!!!!!!!

The Tokyo Tower is a much, much older and much, much shorter tower.

This tower, named the Sky Tree, was completed just a few years ago.

(And no, we are not going to ascend it today. It’s expensive to take an escalator to the top, although I hear walking up the stairs to the top is free. That’s a joke. Walking up the stairs to the top is likely not free.)

This area ALSO has cherry blossom trees, and it is much less crowded. It was a nice place to stroll.

Oh, look, Godzilla has climbed to the top of the Sky Tree. How interesting. You never know what you’ll see in Japan.

Two different kinds of cherry blossom trees.

Oh no. It appears that Godzilla has fallen from the Sky Tree. But don’t worry. Radioactive giant sea monsters are like cats. They always land on their feet.

Kids playing in the park along the river.

See? Godzilla is fine. And he’s eating a double scoop ice cream cone. He couldn’t be happier.

Kids (both boys and girls) are playing baseball.

The park.

I hate to end on a sad note, but if this were Fukushima City, this is where the radiation detector would be (so that everyone in the park can read the current radiation level.) But it’s not Fukushima City, and so there is no radation detector. It felt weird not to see them around.


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