Leaving Tokyo for Fukushima City (spring 2018)

Afternoon snack in Tokyo…very traditious. And deliciousonal. Oop, I mean, traditional and delicious.

Boys! Can we not pass a piece of machinery without you two stopping? Oh…wait—cute dog???? Hmmmmmm……Now I’m interested.

A pink hat was purchased for my my husband’s mother’s cat or my mother’s Chihuahua. They can share.

This was cool to see. I had heard about these go-carts in Tokyo that tourists can ride in.  And then we saw them in real life!

I was reading about them in the news because the government has recently passed a law to make the go-carts safer.

Back to Fukushima. This is a bullet train ticket. Can you decipher it? Hint: Leaving Tokyo, Going to Fukushima.

Whew! Back in town! These photos made it seem like we stayed several days in Tokyo, but actually it was just a daytrip.

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