Cherry Blossom Paintings by Kids

I was so busy posting photos of our day trip to Tokyo that the cherry blossom season came and went here in Fukushima City.  I didn’t even have time this year to do a proper hanami!

However, when we returned from Tokyo (at the end of March) the cherry blossoms were about to open in Fukushima. And here are some painting by Fukushima kids……  (Photos taken with permission of staff.)

I came upon this little exhibit upon departing the bullet train. Our train station here in Fukushima City has two sections–a not bad but not elegant regular part (with local trains) and then a much posher, newer, cleaner bullet train section. (You need a bullet train ticket to enter the bullet train part of the station, so it is usually pretty devoid of crowds.) And anyway, this exhibit was in the bullet train part of the station.

Prizes awarded to the best paintings. (All paintings were done by Fukushima kids.)

An actual cherry blossom tree in Fukushima City. The FTV building is a Fukushima TV station.

Leaving Tokyo for Fukushima City (spring 2018)

Afternoon snack in Tokyo…very traditious. And deliciousonal. Oop, I mean, traditional and delicious.

Boys! Can we not pass a piece of machinery without you two stopping? Oh…wait—cute dog???? Hmmmmmm……Now I’m interested.

A pink hat was purchased for my my husband’s mother’s cat or my mother’s Chihuahua. They can share.

This was cool to see. I had heard about these go-carts in Tokyo that tourists can ride in.  And then we saw them in real life!

I was reading about them in the news because the government has recently passed a law to make the go-carts safer.

Back to Fukushima. This is a bullet train ticket. Can you decipher it? Hint: Leaving Tokyo, Going to Fukushima.

Whew! Back in town! These photos made it seem like we stayed several days in Tokyo, but actually it was just a daytrip.

Still in Super Potato Retro Games Store in Tokyo

Let’s walk up to the fourth floor. (There is also an elevator.)

On the fourth floor, the room was like an eighties arcade. All games from years ago. My son enjoyed playing a game of Galactiga? Galaxia? Galaga? Something from 1982.

His dad watches.

Even the vending machines are cool.

I noticed many Europeans in the store! It must be listed in some European guidebook….

Ah…..the eighties. Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Yuppies,  Preppies,  Totally Awesome Gaming

Super Potato in Tokyo, 2018

My son wanted to go to an awesome retro gaming store called Super Potato. It’s in the Akihabara section of Tokyo. (Photos were taken with permission.)

The Virtual Boy is an old retro game that never quite got off the ground. My son was excited to try it out for a couple minutes.

We had heard about the Virtual Boy (it’s famous in the gaming world) but had never seen a real one.

Henceforth, no comments from me. Let’s just stroll around in this Super Potato store and have fun.

Beat Takeshi designed this video game in the eighties. It’s reputedly the “worst video game ever.”

For some odd reason, I really wanted the New Zealand Story game, and I’m not even from New Zealand.

Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo (Part Two)

This is still Yodobashi camera. This store sells electronics, but there is also a toy section.

Licca Chan doll….Licca dolls are from Fukushima. One can visit the factory (although my friend told me it is kind of boring.)

Believe or not, I would have LOVED this when I was a kid.

Altogether now…big sigh…….so cute

Can’t forget that I am a Woman of Power

Popo Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The exclamation points say it all.

Popo’s money and Popo’s snack

(The money is way overpriced. One can buy better toy money in Daiso, Japan’s version of the dollar store.)

And anyway, when I was five years old, I wasn’t happy with coins that had bears on them. I wanted the real stuff.

Life-size Licca doll

I got one of these doll heads when I was six and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

But this is a little creepy…….

Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo (Part One)

Here we are at a store called Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara in Tokyo. (I received permission to take photos.)

It’s a fun store.

I remember my cousins telling me in 1981 that the Star Wars people would keep on making movies until the year 2000. The year 2000! Amazing, I thought. The year 2000 was certainly far, far in the future.

Marvel…I (ahem) actually know quite a bit about Marvel because my brother loved Marvel.  My favorite character was Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.


Ninja legos

I have no idea who this little guy is…..Pikachu? Yeah, I think this is Pikachu.


Brozers Hamburger Restaurant

Our favorite hamburger shop in Fukushima City, Futaba Burger, went out of business so we all craved real American style burgers.

So in Tokyo, Husband took us to Brozers, a cute burger cafe.

Such adorable decorations

The above photo is my son’s burger.

This one is mine.

Surprise! Pineapple burger!  My taste buds are in heaven.