Matsukawa Station in Fukushima Prefecture

I work at a little school near Matsukawa Station in Fukushima Prefecture.


I noticed the flag on the sign in this nice rest area in front of Matsukawa’s small train station.

This sign says that Kuwait donated the funds for this little rest spot in front of Matsukawa Station.

You can see  the name of their country: Kuwait クウエート

You can see the name of the disaster on 3/11: Daishinsai 大震災

Inside the station, waiting for a train.They run north to south/south to north.

The bridge to get from one platform to the other. No elevator or escalator! One climbs the stairs. Typical for many small stations in Japan.

Typical sign for a train station in Japan.

To the south, the next stop is Adachi Town.

To the north, the next stop is Kanayagawa (the stop for Fukushima University.)

The daisies..

As far as I can see, no mutant flowers.

Lovely? I think so.

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