Big Lots

Shopping with my mom again! Big Lots….

Okay. Now time for some nostalgia. Back in the day, these types of cakes were what we ate. Moms stuck twinkies in lunch boxes as desserts. If a kid was hungry for a snack, that kid rummaged around in the kitchen until he/she found the dingdongs.

The taste? Pretty bad! LOL

More candy from the olden days……..Cracker Jacks were awesome because there was a prize in every box!!!!!!!

More old-fashioned snacks. My mom actually put the circus peanuts in her cart and I saw her ringing them up. So I said, “Agh! You’re buying these?!” She said, “I like them!” And then the clerk–who was older, like my mom–agreed. She liked them, too. They explained to me that snacks like Circus Peanuts were what they ate back when they were kids. (The nineteen forties and nineteen fifties.) I have to admit, I find that interesting.

My mom is a triplet, so I once tried to write a middle grade novel about fictitious triplets, born in the forties. The forties were an interesting time for multiples, because any multiples births were automatically natural, which meant there were way, way fewer of them. (The Dionne quints were pretty much abducted by the Canadian government and exhibited like zoo animals. The five Dionne girls were roughly the same age as my mom and her sisters.) My mother gave me lots of information about life back in the forties, but I couldn’t finish the manuscript, mainly because I couldn’t think of a story arc. I drawered it, but I don’t think I’ll ever finish. It’s too weird to write fiction about my mom and her sisters. I think maybe non-fiction would be better, but that is something she would have to write. (And she doesn’t write.)

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