I have a cousin who works at Cabella’s. I wanted to stop by and say hey to him at work…. But he was off duty that day. That’s okay. The Cabella’s near my parents’ house is a cool place…like a museum, literally. (It has exhibits. Taxidermied animals on display and an aquarium.)

So stepping into this area–it is devoted to wild animals of Texas.

These animals are indigenous to Texas.

Cabella’s sells camping equipment–so how about some camping?

More indigenous animals of Texas

My dad (and my mom) are from Texas. My dad is an awesome dad!!!!!!!!! Both my parents are extremely generous to others, and very caring.

The Texas flag. Geese in the sky. (I presume they are geese.)

This is my last post about my vacation over the summer at my parents’ home in Texas. Tomorrow we will be back to our normal topic: Life in Fukushima!

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