Flowers Year Round in Fukushima City–MAY 2018

There are a lot of photos in this post because once spring arrived, I kept seeing flowers everywhere.

This is Paseo Dori Street, near my house. I love this curved cobblestone street. It’s so cute. Unfortunately, some of the cobblestones have been torn up and paved over with regular cement for construction (of water pipes, I presume.) I guess it is too expensive to replace the cobblestones. 😦

Okay, these flowers are similar to the ones that went viral several years ago. (The ones that were deformed.) So I was looking super carefully for deformed flowers. I could NOT find any. No deformities in all the daisies I looked at, including those not in the photos.


The blooms on the tree in the above photo are so interesting. This is Shinhama Park.

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