Library Volunteer–February 2019

I was instructed to read aloud a picture book to the elementary school sixth, fifth, fourth, and first graders.

This is the book I read for the first graders. I had originally purchased it for the entire school, but upon receiving it, I felt that it was too babyish for the older kids. (I like picture books that feel more grown-up for them.)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this easy little book! Or should I say, deceptively easy? We non-equator people are introduced to tropical fruits from the country of Kenya. Few words per page, funny, this is a great ESL book.

I chose the following book for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade.

This book in the above photo has very easy English (for native-speaking kids) but has a much more mature feel than the previous book. Also a great ESL book.

It’s set in Nigeria. A chick is born every day of the week. (Thus, it’s a chance to learn all the days of the week, one by one.) There’s a puzzle at the end of the book. (This puzzle substantially raises the “maturity” factor!)

If each of those little chicks has one baby each, how many chicks will Tobi have in a year?

Gosh, this mathematical equation was HARD for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad has chickens, and they are constantly getting killed by coyotes (yeah, I know it’s sad, but they were extremely happy while they lived. Very free range.) So I kept thinking, well, how can I do this mathematical equation without knowing how many chickens get killed by coyotes, or whatever animal is the equivalent in Nigeria?

However, once I went on the assumption that all the hens (to do the mathematical problem, one has to understand that all the chicks are female) lived to adulthood, I could figure out the answer.

So anyway, these two books are great. I recommend them both.

Happy reading!

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