Tragedy of 3/11/11 Statistics according to Yomiuri Kodomo Shinbun…

The eighth anniversary of the earthquake of 3/11/11 in Japan is next Monday. This morning (3/7/19)  I received my copy of the Yomiuri Children’s Newspaper. The cover article says Ano Hi Wasurenaide

That means “Don’t forget that day.”

It gives statistics for the tragedy. According to the newspaper, these current statistics are:

shishya/People who Died: 15,897 people

kanrenshi/Other Deaths Related to the Tragedy: 3,701 people

yukuefumeisha/Missing People: 2,533 people

fushyousha/Injured People: 6,157 people

jyuutaku no zenhankai/Destroyed Homes: more than 400,000 homes

shinsui menseki/Area of Flood Damage: 561 square kilometers

Higai Gyosen/Damaged Fishing Vessels: 28,612 ships/boats

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