Friday–Mass Murder and Student Protests (Two Completely Different Things)

Two days ago (Friday, March 15, 2019,) there was a mass murder of Muslim people in Christchurch, New Zealand. I send my love to the Muslim community. It was planned ahead of time by the murderer(s.)

Two days ago (Friday, March 15, 2019,) there were student protests concerning the global climate. It was planned ahead of time by the lovely students who are trying to improve the world, not mess it up and hurt people.

I want to focus on the second event, as this website is about environmental issues. I admire the students very, very much. Their frustration with adults is most definitely understandable. I myself until 2011 (and the meltdowns) didn’t really think all that much about the environment. (No more than everybody else.) I think certain adults are trying to get things done, but many other adults in power are not.

I think one issue is, however, how do we solve the global environmental issues? What are the best actions to take? There are SO MANY OPINIONS on this. It makes me want to throw up my hands in despair. Some people say renewables, some say nuclear. (I don’t think anybody says coal???) And maybe other people say other things, I’m not really sure.  The whole discussion of how to repair the environment is very confusing to me.

Here’s an NPR article about the students protests:→

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