Look up!

The past few days have felt like “Spring is here!” Mild, warm weather.

This morning it felt like “Winter’s back!” Cold, blustery weather.

I aimed my camera up at the sky this morning at the sky. All the following photos are camera pointed up, taken this morning during my walk near my home in Fukushima City.

The recent warm weather have been opening up the flower buds.

Palm Trees. I was so surprised to come to Japan and see palm trees. (They’re quite common.) Fukushima City is on the same latitude as Wichita, Kansas—and Wichita does NOT have palm trees!!!! At all!!!!!!



The above photo is a grove of bamboo trees (extremely common in Japan) here in downtown Fukushima City.


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2 thoughts on “Look up!

  1. Amy, thank you for the mini-sightseeing trip. I enjoyed your pictures.

    Have a most remarkable week and God Bless you, Trella


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