My first day back in Japan….video of my hotel’s street (Warning: This is a boring video.)

Every time I return to Japan from the United States, I wake up very early due to jet lag.  This video is taken outside my hotel. I was fascinated by the crows getting into the garbage. We have crows here, too…..but I’ve trained ours to not get into our garbage. They know I’m the boss.

One reference I make in the video is to the American movie “Lost in Translation” with Billy Murray. I watched it, for the first time ever, on the flight. The opening scene is his character being driven in a limousine (he’s an actor getting paid to film a commercial) and he’s looking out at Tokyo, unable to understand the melange of Japanese words around him. It’s a really depressing movie that focusses on two characters who were already depressed before they came to Japan (Hey, not Japan’s fault.)

In reality, most people would be thinking, “Cool! Wow! I’m getting two million dollars for this! For the opportunity to visit Japan!” I’d hope most people would think that.

I want two million dollars.

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