Nuclear Power Plant Stuff—Fears of Terrorism may lead to shutdowns of power plants (?)

Having been in America, I haven’t been posting much related to the nuclear situation.

By the way, don’t you love the way I worded my title for this post? “Nuclear Power Stuff.” You can tell I have a way with words.

Here’s an article that appeared in my Japanese newspaper for kids (Yomiuri Kodomo Shinubun) on May 2, 2019.

What the article is saying is that nuclear power plants can be vulnerable to terrorism, and thus may be shut down.

Regarding this topic, here is an article from the Mainichi news online:

Here’s an article from the China Daily about this:

An opinion piece (editorial) from Asahi Newspaper:


(Totally off topic, but as a student of the Japanese language, I find it fascinating that in the article “uranium” is uran ウラン.

A quck check of a dictionary shows that both uran ウラン and uranium ウラニウム are acceptable translations for the English word “uranium.”)

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