Fix that fax!

How are you all today?

An earthquake struck here in Tohoku last Tuesday evening. Nobody was killed (thank goodness,) although some people were injured.

On Tuesday night I was in bed, and Pow! Wow! Shudder! Bang! The house shook with the tremors from a quake. It felt strong to me, so I thought, “Here we go again……!” (Thinking it was an Absolutely Huge Quake Which Destroys Half of Japan.)

So I hurried down our stairs, and said to Mr. Husband, “Where was it?”

He said, “Sakata!”

Well, that really shocked me. And scared me. Because that’s my husband’s hometown, and it is where his parents now live. And their cat.


Anyway, it turns out that my parents-in-law are completely fine. The cat is fine, too, but now wants to move to Australia.

In addition to Sakata City, the quake was heavily felt in Tsuruoka City (near Sakata) and in Niigata Prefecture.

Some people were injured, and some buildings were damaged.  Some of the jellyfish were killed (due to building damage) in the excellent aquarium in Tsuruoka.

There’s a nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture……….so of course, that was a worry. Fortunately, it was not harmed.


Somebody marked the wrong box in a fax about the condition of the plant in a form that must have looked something like this:

◊ Meltdown Imminent. Everybody Prepare To Die

◊ No problem here! Everything fine! 🙂

The person meant to tic the second box, but accidentally ticced the first box. (Or that’s what we are told anyway. Because I’m like yeah right. Likely story. Maybe the workers thought something was wrong, but nothing was? Maybe it was a passive aggresive Freudian slip sort of thing? I dunno.)

Anyhoo….here’s an article about the mistake:


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