Nadeshiko Japan….

Today this post is about sports. But first–

Nadeshiko is a Japanese word that refers to a kind of flower, a pretty pink flower called “Dianthus” in English.

A photo of the flower: from this site:

Furthermore, in Japan the term Nadeshiko also refers to the idea of a perfect traditional Japanese woman. You know what I’m talking about. Her is hair is jet black, her complexion is snowy white.  She’s shy, demure, feminine, dressed of course in a kimono. She eats fish and rice, never pizza and burgers. Her build is tiny, but her fingers are long and slender. She covers her mouth when she laughs. She’s, well, perfect.

So what does this have to do with sports?

And moreover, what does it have to do with Fukushima?

Can you guess?

NADESHIKO JAPAN is the name of the Japan Women’s Football Team (Football meaning SOCCER. Not Ame Fu, or as they say in every country except the United States, American football.)

So NADESHIKO JAPAN is Japan’s women’s soccer team. Currently they are playing in France for the Women’s World Cup of 2019.

So these this team of awesome soccer-playing women is called NADESHIKO JAPAN. What a great name! I’m guessing the players are not at all shy or demure, but they do represent ideal Japanese women!

Here’s an article about the team:

Okay, next. What does this team have to do with Fukushima?

Well, since 2016, their head coach has been Takakura Asako (TAKAKO-family name ASAKO-given name.) She is from Fukushima. Yay!

Here is an interview with Takakura.

Japan loves the women’s soccer team, NADESHIKO JAPAN. I’m always hearing about them in the news. Everybody is so proud of them!

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