“Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster”

Recently I read a book called “Fukushima The Story of a Nuclear Disaster.” It details the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that happened in 2011.

When I say “details,” I really mean it! I bought this book a couple years ago at a bookstore in Sendai City, then started reading it. It was very dense and scientific…so I put it down and didn’t come back to it.

Recently, however, I picked it up again. I told myself, “Just read it slowly, Amy. Try not to get bogged down.”

So this time, I made it through the book. It’s a good book (though not most reader-friendly (?)) It’s definitely a book for adults, or for kids who are mature enough to handle the subject matter.

I went to the Fukushima Prefecture Art Museum over the weekend. The exhibit was photography Yanagi Miwa (Yanagi is her family name. Miwa is her given name. This is her website: http://www.yanagimiwa.net/e/  )

One room was filled with large photos of Fukushima peach trees. And so then when I exited the art museum, I bought some peaches from a farmer. I asked about business. She said that it dipped after the quake, but now it’s back again. That’s good.

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