Bus Festival in downtown Fukushima City 2019

This morning I went to Fukushima City’s yearly Bus Festival.

It’s an opportunity to look at different kinds of buses and step inside them to look around.

I took three very short videos:

In the above photo, I’m in an Iwaki bus. (Iwaki City is on the east side of Fukushima Prefecture.)

Amy! Keep your eyes on the road!

We were allowed to flick the little switchies.

If the driver wants the bus to sprout wings and fly over the city, he/she/they will press the Big Red Button.

The Big Red Button is not often used.

It’s an automatic, not a manual transmission.

I asked.

This bus was neato! It’s a mobile library that travels through the rural areas of Fukushima Prefecture so that people who live in the smallest towns can check out books.

This particular bus travels through western Fukushima Prefecture, I was told.

This was my favorite bus of them all.

I spent a lot of time looking at the books in the mobile bus! I do know the books get changed around, and people can make requests.

Which do you like more, busses or books? Booses or Buks? Subs or Koobs?

A Fukushima City local bus. The bus that I see every day in our neighborhood!

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2 thoughts on “Bus Festival in downtown Fukushima City 2019

  1. I remember how much I loved checking out books from the book mobile when I was a little girl in Fort Worth. Our mother instilled a love of reading when we were very young.

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