CTV video from Youtube—about first moments after quake, before meltdowns began… (Commentator is discussing the threat)

This CTV video from Youtube—about first moments after quake in March of 2011, before meltdowns “officially” began and were being reported.


(I’m looking at you, new TV show about how fun nuclear war is. I won’t say the name of this TV show and give it free advertisement. But its tagline is:

“You say apocalypse like it’s a bad thing.” While showing a photo of a very happy teen boy and his skateboard and his….samurai sword?

For the record, apocalypse is a bad thing.

I like a good joke like everybody else, and I’ve watched and read dystopian fiction, but the mixture of “Fun” and “Apocalypse” aimed at a young audience makes me worry.

Cuz we all know what’s gonna happen.

When the doody hits the fan, and there really is a nuclear war (or other apocalyptic tragedy,) kids are gonna be like, “Hey, wait. This isn’t like on TV. This sucks.”

(Furthering it. Kids will not even be saying that. In a true apocalyptic scenario, kids and adults will be both be in extremely intense shock and grief, unlike the world has ever seen. Nobody will be saying much of anything. There’ll be too much shock and sadness and attempting to eek out one’s survival.)

Oh, and do the creaters of this show realize that Trump and Kim Jung Un will probably watch it? Especially Kim, he’s reputed to love American movies. Trump will be thinking, “Oh, nuclear war looks neato.” Kim (he’s probably hooked up to South Korean TV) will be thinking “Nuclear war looks awesome.”

And they’ll do it.


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