The Abukuma River, the part near my home….

The Abukuma River flows from south to north through Fukushima Prefecture.

It starts in the mountains of southern Fukushima Prefecture. It flows through the big city of Koriyama, the smaller city of Motomiya, and the big city (but smaller than Koriyama) of Fukushima* and then flows further north into Miyagi Prefecture and then into the ocean.

The recent typhoon of October twelfth brought heavy rain and caused devastating flooding to many parts of Japan. (Not just Fukushima Prefecture.) Yesterday we also had heavy rain all day long.

In Fukushima Prefecture, the Abukuma River overflowed in Koriyama and Motomiya. Its tributaries overflowed in the southern part of Fukushima City. (There was also flooding in Iwaki City.) I myself have not been affected by flooding.

Today, though, it’s a lovely day so I rode my bicycle to the part of Abukuma River that is closest to my house. Here are my photos:

The following link is to an NHK article in Japanese. It’s about the flooding of the Abukuma River in Fukushima Prefecture.

Here is a link to a Mainichi article in English about the recent flooding of the Abukuma River:

*Remember that Fukushima is like New York. There’s Fukushima Prefecture (like New York State) and Fukushima City (like New York City.) It’s very confusing to those outside of Japan, especially since people outside of Japan often say “Fukushima” when they are actually talking about the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant—which is an incorrect thing to say.

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