In Memory of 3-11

According to the Yomiuri Junior High Newspaper:

15, 894 people were killed due to the Japanese earthquake that occured on March 11, 2011.

2,562 people’s whereabouts are still unknown.

17,4000 people are refugees who are displaced.


As far as deaths go, Miyagi Prefecture was the worst hit.  (It was also closest to the epicenter.)  Next worst hit in regards to deaths was Iwate Prefecture.   And then third was Fukushima Prefecture.

Yesterday I went to the memorial service in downtown Fukushima Prefecture, so I will show the photos from that:


They were setting up candles when I arrived in the afternoon.  That candle in the front has the Japanese flag and says “Ganbarou Nihon”

Ganbarou=”Let’s hang in there!”



That’s me with the mascot of Fukushima Prefecture, a peach.


The candles say 3.11 because the earthquake occured on March 11 (five years ago.)


Such pretty candles.  I spent a long time admiring them.  The one in purple says

Ganbarou=”Let’s hang in there”





The local Catholic girls’ high school created this wooden tree.  In the background, various high school students are singing a somber, yet beautiful, song to remember the tragedy.


So cute!  I wanted to make one.  There was a table with markers, and anybody could decorate a candle holder for free.


This is mine!  At the bottom, it says “Fukushima” but I ran out of room.  I think I should have lined it with a darker marker to make it show up better.  On the other side I wrote, “PEACE.”


I spy an akabeko!  That is the red creature on the second candle from the front.


Dressed up like Fukushimers of olden times!  So pretty!

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