Let’s Visit Koriyama City

Hi, everybody!

I live in Fukushima City.  However, there is a larger city in Fukushima Prefecture.  It’s called Koriyama City.  Last weekend, I went there.  Let’s take a look!



Koriyama City is smack dab in the middle of Fukushima Prefecture.  That makes it a great hub for travelling to other spots in the prefecture.


Welcome to Koriyama!  This is the train station.


That bus is going down the street to the train station.


That’s the train station at the end of the street.


It’s a nice city.  Not too crowded!


It has a wonderful bookstore.  I love books so I always stop in and look at the books in English–and buy some!


Did you enjoy your visit to Koriyama City?


We’ll come back again.  See you, Koriyama!


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