Help! Emergency! Call 119!

119?  Why 119?

That’s the phone number for emergency numbers in Japan.


After the earthquake of March, 2011, there was help from lots of places.  Ambulances and medical staff worked hard!  Thank you so much, medical people.  We appreciate you!


So did the fire fighters!  I didn’t see any fires, but they were still busy helping people out.  Thank you so much, fire fighters.  We appreciate you!


Oh, cool!   Japanese manhole covers are often really neat.  So look down and check out your nearest manhole cover.


The Japanese military is not supposed to be aggressive and boss people around and get into wars.  That’s because they did too much of that in the years prior to World War II and the American military came in and said, “Cut it out!”  And they did.

Japanese has a military now that is meant only for self-defense.   And it also helps Japanese citizens in time of emergency.  The Japanese military was a huge help, especially to the victims of the tsunami.  Thank you so much, Japanese military!  We appreciate you!

Thanks for all your hard work.  Arigato gozaimashita!

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