Highest levels ever of radiation detected inside the nuclear power plant….

If you regularly read the news, you may have come across an article which tells of the most recent findings concerning the nuclear power plant.

Apparently, in at least one part of the nuclear power, an extremely high amount of radiation is present.  Very, very, very high.

What does this mean?  Well, it’s inside the power plant.  So it does not directly affect people who live in areas like Fukushima City or Koriyama City or Iwaki City.  But of course, it indirectly affects us, in that it is just another worrisome piece of news to fret over.

The extremely high amount of radiation makes clean-up very, very difficult.  According to news reports, a robot can’t last very long in such a high amount of radiation.  (Let alone a human, who could in no way get anywhere near the radiation hotspot and survive.)

Unfortunately, not good news, is it!

But fortunately, I do have a photo of pretty kitties to share with you:


They are Fukushima City kitties, the best kitties in Japan.  Perhaps Koriyama City kitties and Iwaki City kitties would argue that point.   Or perhaps they would just curl up and take a nap….

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