Winter Cycling


Well, it’s getting towards the end of February.   The weather here has perked up, and it’s a very comfortable temperature for being outdoors, as long as you are wearing some sort of coat.   I took advantage of this by going bicycle riding along the Matsukawa River.


Watch out for Kappas!  In Japan, Kappas are mythological creatures that live in rivers and love to eat cucumbers.  My son loves cucumbers, so sometimes I call him a “Kappa.”


This sign says, “Cycling Road.”   Shall we follow it?


First, let’s look at the map. Gosh, I can’t make heads or tails of it.  Never mind.


What a great day for biking!  Although a little windy….


I’m staying on the left side……….even though there are not many other people on the path!


This is going towards the east.  So it is going in the direction of the coast, where the Pacific Ocean is.  (Although that is way, way, way too far for me to cycle.  The sign in the first photo said that the Pacific Ocean is seventy-four kilometers away.)  This is in the general direction of the nuclear power plant–the plant is southeast of Fukushima City.


The river!!!!!


Looking back…  (Toward the west, in the direction of Fukushima City)






At this point I turned around.  This photo shows an orchard in winter.  Fukushima Prefecture is famous for its fruit trees.


Back to the city…and I must say cycling back against the wind is much harder than going with the wind!

I hope you have a great February.  Hopefully, you can get in some outdoor activities, too.  It feels so good to exercise!


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2 thoughts on “Winter Cycling

  1. Hello. Through your blog and a could of others focusing on Fukushima I have decided to spend some time there in August. Grabbing a bike from the local visitor information centre is my thing atleast once each trip.

    Can you tell me where this particular bike path goes?


    • I don’t know where it goes exactly…it just follows the river. I didn’t bike to the end of it. I think the rivers in Fukushima City have paths alongside them, although some are not only for cyclists, so you’ll have to be careful of pedestrians. Have fun during your stay!


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