What did I do while in America?

I had fun!  And relaxed….

I am back in Fukushima City now, so I will start with my regular posts soon.  However, as a special post today, I will show you what I did in America.  My parents’ dog Ellie May held a doggy fashion show for me.

Ellie May is a special dog because she is truly a rags to riches story.   She came to my parents’ house as a rescue dog (thanks to my sister, a true animal lover.)  And now she has risen to the top as a one of the doggy icons of northern Texas.

Ellie May……..Lookin’ good, hon.  Why don’t you wear some of your pretty dresses and model for us?

A real Southern belle.  Sweet iced tea, anyone?

Ellie May says, “No cameras, please.


“Is that Britney over there?  Hey, Britney!”

“Britney’s wearing my outfit! Probably got it a Walmart!”

“Mine is an original Vera Wang!”

“This is my classic preppy look, circa 1982. Tennis, anyone?”

“And this is my Valley Girl look, circa 1983. Granddaddy Lange doesn’t like me to wear such short skirts, but shhh…he’s not here, so we won’t tell him.”

“Stunning, dahling. Positively stunning,” says the cat, the only one in the audience. He’s the only one who truly cares.



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