Happy in Fukushima, Happy in Texas….

Hello, everybody!   I will not be posting for a while.  This is because my son’s spring vacation is starting and we will go to Texas in the United States during the vacation.  He needs to see his American gramps and grannie!  Yee haw and Howdy!

Normally we go to the U.S. during his summer vacation (which is much longer than spring vacation.)  However, my husband insists that darling son needs to study this summer.  Why?  He will be heading to high school in a year…and Japan has a different system than the U.S.

In the U.S. most kids go to whatever high school is closest (if they go to a public school.)  However, in Japan, kids take tests and try to get into a good high school.  So they need to study for the tests.  Of course, the high schools look at other factors like school grades and so on.  So it’s a little like getting into college in the United States.  You want only the very best!

High school isn’t mandatory in Japan, but I think most kids go.  (Though not all.)  Of course, my son will go.  My husband is a Tiger Dad.   Do you know that expression?  It has become popular in recent years.  However, when I first came to Japan, I learned the equivalent:  “Kyou Iku Mama.”  (Education Mama)  It has the same meaning as Tiger Mom (a parent who zealously oversees her or his child’s education.)   That was twenty years ago when I learned it…….Education is important in Japan, definitely!

Here are some photos I took a year ago.  Happy?  Yes!  Happy in Fukushima!



Fukushima literally means “Blessed Island” but the exact meaning is rather ambiguous and can not be exactly translated.  So it often gets translated into “Happy Island.”

Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Happy in Fukushima, Happy in Texas….

  1. Good morning Amy. I know you said you ran out of picture space on your other blog. I thought this blog was originally about just Fukushima for kids. So that’s why, I never commented here. But now I think this blog is now your main blog now.

    Just wanted to say, I think it was a smart idea to go to Texas during the Spring break since this is your son’s final year in JHS in Japan. And we all know how crazy and intense the final year is.

    Also a huge good luck for your son too. This final year is a tough one. But I have no doubt that he’ll do just fine. Fwiw, Branden is loving high school. He’s going to sort of an International type of high school. Where English must be spoken at all times and he absolutely loves it. He’s thriving there and I’m so happy for him. : )


    • Thank you so much! I love your blog! I haven’t been reading blogs much lately, I need to get back in that groove. I am happy Branden is doing well. He’s so smart, and with both English and Japanese skills–he has a good future!


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