Ikebana Exhibit

There are many traditional forms of art in Japan.   They are all wonderful, and many have long, long histories.   Centuries of perfection.

One traditional art form is flower arranging.   (Ikebana)  Recently I went to an ikebana exhibit that was for the twenty-first century, for the millennium generation, for the avant-garde and the risk-takers among us.   Yeah, it was cool.

And it was ikebana!!!!!!!

I never knew flowers could be so awesome.


This exhbit was held last month in Nakago Department Store in downtown Fukushima City.

By the way,

calligraphy–shyuuji 習字               (literally “learn character”)

tea ceremony–sadou 茶道                    (literally “tea road/way”)

flower arranging–ikebana 生け花   (literally “living flower”)


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